About Us

The goal of JRN Consulting is to bring members, employers, insurers, and providers together in a cooperative environment effort that delivers quality beahvioral healthcare in the most cost effective manner possible.

Introduction to JRN CONSULTING, LLC.

JRN Consulting was founded with the specific goal of improving the quality of the behavioral health and substance abuse segments of the Contractual care Industry. JRN has been able to provide behavioral health services equal or superior to the services our clients were previously receiving at a lesser cost. Many other care providers claim to contain cost when in reality, deny services in order to maintain, decrease, or transfer behavioral health costs. Studies indicate that members/employees with untreated Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse problems are responsible for the over utilization of their Medical /Surgical benefit, (given both the pathology and co-morbidity of these conditions). Thereby simply transferring costs from the behavioral health portion of their benefit into the Medical/Surgical portion. This transfer is most significantly noted in the increased number of emergency room visits, the amount of additional procedures performed and ultimately the cost.


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