Compensation Options

JRN Consulting can work with your fund in a variety of ways. For some, the standard PM/PM or per member, per month is how they are used to sub-contracting to vendors like our organization, however, some of our clients like the freedom of a "Fee for Service" arrangement. Generally, this means that there are no fees incurred by the fund until such time as a member accesses our network of providers. With this type of agreement, if utilization is low, this can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

You may want to combine the two in order to keep the PM/PM at a minimum.

For Example: A standard PM/PM on a group that only has 1500 members, may cost around $6.00 per member / per month, however, a group that has 4000 members may pay somewhere around $2.25 PM/PM. Even better, you can mix and choose how you want to us to administrate this benefit. For instance that same $6.00 PM/PM for 1500 members can be cut almost in half, if you became creative and paid 20% of savings on all inpatient claims, in addition to the smaller PM/PM. This brings the financial obligation down to approximately $3.75 per member per month and the percentage of savings spending only occurs when and if a member has been treated for inpatient services. Or you may want a "Fee for Service" type of arrangement, where the only time an expense is incurred is if a member or dependent accesses our network. Almost any type of arrangement is negotiable; however, remember that all PM/PM charges are based not only on the number of members, but the utilization of services by the members.

Note: We can develop a "reverse" PPO Network, by requesting your members fill out a form giving us the names of the Doctors and other Behavioral Health professionals they are currently seeing, or would like to see in the network. This is another unique way of ensuring that your members have the ability to choose or continue to see whoever they like.


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