Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide viable, convenient, successful cost saving alternatives to traditional managed care approaches.  Our goal is to bring members, employers, insurers, and providers together in a cooperate effort that delivers quality behavioral healthcare in the most cost-effective manner possible.

JRNs Philosophy:

JRN Consulting is a third generation managed behavioral healthcare limited liability company, expanding upon traditional care philosophy to develop totally unique approaches to behavioral healthcare and managed cost. Our philosophy includes:

A.      Clinically Sound Behavioral Health Benefit Plans

JRN Consulting believes that cost savings begins with clear and clinically rational benefit plans. JRNs consultants work directly with actuaries in writing Behavioral Health Plans that encourage members/employees responsibility in the recovery process. Thereby clinically increasing and expediting their recovery as opposed to enabling members/employees to stay ill. Sound behavioral health plans decrease recidivism and relapse significantly and thereby immediately decreasing costs to the plan.

B.       Clinically Driven Point of Service                                                    

Members must first be assessed clinically and then directed to the appropriate credentialed provider or level of care needed to treat their presenting condition, versus a member/employer randomly assessed a directory, or a provider who may or may not have the expertise and/or experience to treat their condition. JRN maintains a comparative clinical profile on our database which we utilize in aiding a member in selecting the proper provider to meet their individual needs including a variety of criteria, such as, but not limited to theoretical frame of reference of provider treatment, modality, gender, the clinical techniques best suited to treat members diagnosis and members/employees cognitive abilities.

C.      Collaborative Care

JRN insists on developing non-adversarial relations with all our providers. Members/employees, providers, JRN Care Managers, family members and sometimes friends, employers and labor representations are involved in the treatment and aftercare planning. Collaborative care supports the member/subscriber and the provider in the therapeutic process, thereby reducing the time spent in treatment. - Note a family member, employer, etcetera can undo in ten minutes what it took ten weeks in treatment to accomplish.

D.      Contractual Care

Fair and reasonable reimbursements/discounts are negotiated with JRN providers thereby recruiting only the highest quality experienced providers, notably decreasing the duration and cost of treatment for member/employees resulting from unskilled newly licensed providers and inexperienced therapists providing treatment.

E.       True Case Management

Our case managers work directly with and support providers to deliver the high quality of Behavioral Health care. JRN has decreased the amount of useless paperwork for the provider due to the case managers lack of familiarity with the patient. Treatment then becomes less labor intensive to the provider which allows providers to maintain costs versus increasing cost to payer in order to compensate for the additional time spent on paperwork.


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